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Supervisors, Managers & HR professionals throughout the UK are increasingly faced with the difficult task of confronting individuals at work who appear impaired by virtue of consumption of alcohol and / or illegal substances. This is often complicated by the time of day, the attitude of the individual concerned or a lack of comprehension around how to apply the organisations drug & alcohol policy. By parity of reasoning, handling procedures are (at times) compromised with resulting procedural unfairness. At Drug & Alcohol Testing Services Ltd we do therefore recognise the absolute importance of employers applying handling procedures that are consistent / fair and proportionate and it is against that background that bespoke Management & Leadership Training is being delivered by DATS across GB / Scotland & Wales.

ISO 9001 certified for our quality management systems, DATS delivers unique and innovative training programmes to organisations large and small in order to develop and instil confidence in awareness for those who are required to enforce a drug & alcohol policy. Our training is predicated on key elements which are neatly separated into the following areas;

  • Policy Considerations & Statutory Duties of Care
  • Spotting the Signs of Misuse
  • First Responses (objective assessment criteria)
  • Corroboration
  • Alcohol Limitations & Exemptions
  • The Importance of Keeping Medications up to Date
  • Impairment
  • Refusal in its Various Forms
  • For Cause Testing
  • Accidents / Near Misses
  • Anonymous 'Tip Offs'
  • Maintaining the Evidential Chain
  • Drug Driving Legislation 2015
  • Suspension Notices
  • Procedural Unfairness
  • Expert Witness Evidence
  • Misconduct -v- Capability

Being better informed about how to manage the sequence of events from identifying an individual who appears impaired through alcohol and / or illegal substances, to supervising a drug & alcohol test is a key objective in the leadership & management training programmes by DATS. Another key objective is linking the employer's drug & alcohol policy into the training programmes as it enables the participants to understand how and importantly when to apply it.

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